Each marking period for Chemistry I, one major project will be due. The projects will be posted here each time they are assigned.

Marking Period 1 - Tombstone project. Research a deceased inventor/scientist of a product or process used in your Tech area. Create an 8 by 11 inch (standard piece of printer paper or paper without lines) tombstone (3D tombstone for extra credit!) for that inventor. The tombstone must include the scientist's name, birth/death dates, place where they lived/worked, and a symbol/drawing reflecting their invention as well as a symbol/drawing of how it is related to chemistry. A one page report including inventor/scientist's name, birth date, date of death, country worked in, scientist's chemistry application, interesting topics (2 minimum) regarding the scientist and why you chose that scientist must also be submitted with your tombstone. Include your name on the lower right hand corner of this paper. Attach this one page report to the backside of your tombstone. Grading rubric - spelling, neatness, creativity, color, and following instructions. Examples of previous year's student's work will be displayed in the classroom for reference.
Early Bonus - if submitted early, earn 5 extra points! Rubric Bonus - attach your rubric to the back of the Tombstone to earn 5 extra points! 3D Bonus - create your tombstone in 3D and earn 5 extra points! Project due date October 12. Early bonus - completed project turned in by October 4.

Marking Period 2 - Adopt-an-Element Project. Research an element found in your Tech area. See attached file below for additional instructions, data report sheets, and rubric. PROJECT DUE date December 11. Early Bonus - if submitted by December 8, receive an early bonus and earn 5 points added to your project score!
Use the first page only of this attachment for the cover page. Additional website to use for information -> www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element .

Helpful sites for Project Info:

Marking Period 3 - Oral Report. Students will prepare a 4 to 5 minute presentation covering how chemistry is related to their tech area. One class period will be used for introduction and researching information from both the chemistry text book and tech area text book and/or for preparing an outline. Topics must be approved before and student must sign up for a presentation time slot, if not a time slot will be assigned to you. Presentations will tentatively begin March 5, 2018 and must include how chemistry is used in your tech area with an in depth explanation of its application in the student's tech area.

Marking Period 4 - Acrostic or Definition Poem. Students will create either an acrostic or definition poem relating how chemistry is utilized in their Tech area. See 2009-2010 Student Work tab for examples of each type. Class time will be given during various periods (depending on the NOCTI and Keystone Tests schedule) in April/May for work on poem. Poem's will be graded on content (spelling, chemistry terms used, neatness, creativity,etc.) and design. Maximum size is regular paper 11 X 8 1/2 inches. See previous years examples under 2009-2010 Student Work tab on the left. Poem due date Friday, May 31. Early Bonus - if submitted by Friday, May 25, earn 5 extra points! Rubric Bonus - attach your rubric to the back of your poem for 5 bonus points.