Ideal Teachers

  • make you feel special.
  • teach you how to learn.
  • inspire you with their passion.
  • engage your whole being.
  • keep you focused.
  • open you up to new experiences.
  • have no agenda.
  • make the complicated simple.
  • give clear explanations.
  • show you how everything ties together.

Ideal Students

  • come to class on time.
  • come to class prepared (with pencils, pens, books, etc.).
  • are attentive.
  • respect their teachers, peers and school property.
  • participate in class.
  • have an open mind.
  • possess a good attitude.
  • do not disrupt the class unneccessarily.
  • complete their homework neatly and on time.
  • practice good organizational skills (i.e. study for quizzes and tests).
  • always do their own work (do not copy answers or work of other students).
  • assist fellow classmates when directed.

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