Why do you need to study chemistry?

Because understanding chemistry helps you understand the world around you. When you study chemistry, you understand something about how things work. Chemistry isn't secret knowledge. It is the reason why oil and water do not mix or how soap cleans your hands. When you know some chemistry, you can make knowledgeable choices and decisions about everyday products that you use.

Magicians do not have magical powers, they just know more science (and chemistry) than you do!!!

BUT REALLY - "Why do we have to learn this? I am not going to use it in my future anyways!"

Yes, most of what you will learn in chemistry will not be applied directly in your future. However, it is the logical thinking in the context of science that is useful for your entire life! You need to learn about how to figure out the path from point A to point E requiring you to going through B, C, and D. If you are hired after you join the workforce, your boss will only tell you "We are here and we want to get there. Think about how to get there." If you are not capable of thinking the solution, don't expect to work at that job for a long time. It is the logical thinking and problem solving skills that you need the most. It is the knowledge of using available tools and knowledge to solve a problem.