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Power School will be tentatively online the beginning of September , so please monitor your student's progress in my class using Power School! (Please contact the guidance counselor for information on how to access Power School).

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CHEM II Students! You can be exempt from the CHEM II final this year! Any CHEM II student who maintains an 85%, or higher, GPA and has a passing/ non remedial math required compass math test result, will be eligible to take the LCCC Chemistry Entrance Exam at no cost at CCTI this Spring (April 2018). If you pass the LCCC Chemistry Entrance Exam, and have an 85% or higher CHEM II GPA you will be exempt from my Fourth Quarter Exam and all remaining homework.
BONUS- if you are attending LCCC in the fall and you pass the LCCC Chem Ent. Exam, you will not have to take it again in the fall!