Chemistry II Projects. NOTE: To open files, just click on the icon, do not click on details or download.

Marking Period 1 - Alphabet Book Due Date is October11. Early Bonus - if submitted early, completed and turned in by October 4, earn 5 extra points! Rubric Bonus - attach your rubric to the last page of the Alphabet Book to earn 5 extra points!

NOTE - directions update, put two letters per page instead of one per page!!!

Marking Period 2 - Element Yearbook due date Tuesday, November 21 . Early Bonus - if submitted early on or before Tuesday, November 14 earn 5 points! Prepare an element "biography" and picture. The biography will be generated from a worksheet, the picture will depict the element's special physical and chemical characteristics. All students must choose a different element that is found in their tech area, a sign-up sheet will be available during the beginning of the second marking period.

Marking Period 3 - Thematic Project. 2.5 pages minimum (4 page maximum), describing how chemistry is related or used in each of your classes and tech area. Write a paragraph (10 to 15 sentences minimum!) for each class you have and include the topic and chapter in your chemistry text book, describing how chemistry relates to that subject. You may only use each topic once, even if it is found in more than one subject area. You must include a cover sheet. Rubric is below. Project due date 02/20/18. Early Bonus - if submitted early, by 02/16/18.

Marking Period 4 - Diamante Poem. Create a diamante poem tying your tech area with chemistry. Directions and grading rubric will be handed out in class and two class periods will be allotted for work on poem. Due date to be entered. Early Bonus - if submitted early, by date to be entered. Rubric will be handed out in class, if attached to poem it will also qualify for an additional 5 points on poem grade.